Become a BREW HAAS Dealer

If you are interested in becoming a BREW HAAS dealer please fill out the information below. 


Expand Your Business Bring in new customers by offering a high quality, well known soft sided cooler. Our company is easy to work with, we have the best quality control system in place to make sure the products are everything a customer imagined. Treat your customers right by offering this unbelievable brand! 

Attractive Profit Margin We make sure that you make money when you sell BREW HAAS Coolers.

MAPP Unlike other cooler products, The BREW HAAS team maintains a strictly enforced Minimum Advertised Price Policy so that you are not competing on price with other retailers whether they are local or online.

Not Sold at Big Box Stores Neither BREW HAAS nor anything like it is available at big box stores. Customers have to return to an authorized BREW HAAS retailer for future and ongoing purchases.  The result is that YOUR customers are returning to YOUR store, resulting in increased customer retention, sales and profits.

Customer Retention Have your customers return to your store for not only different size coolers but also for other products you offer as well! 

New Customers Attract prospective cooler buyers who, without BREW HAAS, would not be able to try out other brands in your store.

With Virtually No Competition BREW HAAS enjoys exponential growth through word-of-mouth advertising attracting new customers to your store.

Customer Support Corporate customer assistance is available online, by email, and every single day.

No Minimum Order Unlike other companies, you do not need to order a skid at a time as a BREW HAAS dealer. Order as much or as little as required to meet your inventory requirements.

Expanded Product Line We will be expanding our product line and you will be the first to know about it.